About ME

Phillip MacDonald is a folklorist, photographer, and writer born, raised, and living among the long leaf pines in the beautiful piedmont region of North Carolina.

Phillip holds an MA in Folklore from UNC- Chapel Hill where he completed his thesis entitled, "Birthplace of the Blues: Dockery Farms, The Mythic South, and the Erasure of the African American Lived Experience in Mississippi Blues Tourism."   Phillip continues to engage with questions raised in his thesis, examining the intersectionality of identity, culture, and landscapes.

Phillip's interest in the "lived experience" reaches beyond humans to non-human animals, yielding the photos and stories he tells about the residents of Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge. Whether it be through prose, photography, or a combination of the two, Phillip constructs stories about and for "folk" from all walks of life.

Phillip also performs music under the pseudonym folk'd (yes, he really likes the word folk).

To view Phillip's current engagements and professional experience, please visit his linkedIn profile.

Phillip loves to hear from folk.  Contact him for photography, storytelling, folklore consultation, or just to say hello at ptmacdon@gmail.com .

Stay in-touch day to day by following Phillip on Instagram: @cool_phil and Twitter: @ptmacdon


  Photo Credit: Cara Smelter

  Photo Credit: Cara Smelter

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
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Center for the Study of the American South at UNC
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"folk" from the 1989 ed. of the  Oxford English Dictionary .

"folk" from the 1989 ed. of the Oxford English Dictionary.