Ironing Board Sam

I had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with musician Sam Moore, also known as "Ironing Board" Sam. During our talk, Moore discussed his life as a musician, his time working with students, and Music Maker Relief Foundation (MMRF).  His storied career included playing with Jimi Hendrix in Nashville and performing at the first New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.  On the verge of retiring, Moore, convinced by Tim Duffy of MMRF, decided to continue working as a musician. In this new chapter of his career, Moore re-released many of his old tunes and began recording new albums. The support from MMRF, including financial support, ranging from healthcare to musical instruments, gave Moore a new lease on life.  At the time of our conversation in the spring of 2014, Moore performed regularly at schools and spoke to students about the power of positivity. 

I spoke with "Ironing Board" Sam during my work with the Southern Oral History Program at UNC- Chapel Hill.  To hear our conversation or read the transcript click here.